Content Strategy + Management

No spray and pray. No crossing our fingers. We create specialized content systems for coffeefood, and food tech businesses that need measurable impact.

Build brand equity while you sleep.


Created a content strategy that generated 1.9 million organic search sessions in 2020

Optimize for lead generation.


Boosted a B2B food tech’s online lead gen rate by 14.35% with sales-oriented content

Fire the other content agency.


Generated multiple $50,000+ contracts for a food consulting firm with just four articles

Garrett has been a great strategic marketing partner for Bellwether, setting our content strategy by engaging with all internal stakeholders and understanding our customer base and marketing goals. He has a great intuitive sense for copywriting that resonates with our audience. Plus, he's great to work with!

Sarah Munford

Bellwether Coffee

Garrett is an asset to the Galley team, and a joy to work with and I will scream it from the mountain tops. We really couldn’t ask for more. He are a great human and master at his craft. He’s thrown himself into our domain and is constantly pushing us to be better content creators.

Ian Christopher

Galley Solutions

content research

Research and due diligence.

Content creation needs to carefully balance three distinct priorities.

  • Customer Needs — The interests, challenges, and goals of our target market.
  • Brand Objectives — Our immediate success metrics and long-term goals.
  • Distribution Opportunity — Share-worthy content angles, industry authority, and organic search potential.

My team will interview stakeholders and sales, review customer feedback, and conduct SEO research.

food tech content strategy

Prioritize and Plan.

We’ll create a 3-month content plan than carefully balances both short and long-term goals.

  • Short-Term Goals — Sales enablement needs, big marketing messages we want to get out, board requests, etc.
  • Long-Term Goals — SEO content and lead generation articles, case studies, and thought leadership.

And everything in-between.

We’ll start creating.

My team will create content that’s research-dense, SEO optimized, and geared towards our target KPIs. Content may be formed as a helpful blog, thought leadership, case study, lead magnet (ebook, slides), or guest post.

All content includes:

  • 1x Meta Description
  • 1x Social Teaser Post
  • 1x Email Teaser

We also love creating employee-activating thought leadership posts for members of your team to help expand reach and generate more buzz (when the content calls for it).

food tech content marketing

Measure, adjust, repeat.

We’ll touch base with analytics tools and the sales team to ensure the content we’re creating is performing.

Nothing is sacred about the content calendar. As your business, market, or industry evolves, so will our strategy.

Monthly reports will demonstrate progress and results.

Who is this best for?

We’ve found this creation and distribution strategy to work extraordinarily well for growing coffee and food tech brands who are ready to stop creating one-off articles and build a comprehensive, measurable strategy.

And ambitious brands that want thoughtful and thought-provoking content to get conversations going, attract interest, and bring quality leads into the sales funnel.

This is not for brands that “just want a few blogs”.

Why should we trust you?

There are a bazillion content marketing agencies out there, but there’s only one that deeply understands the coffee, food, and food tech industries. Hello!

My team’s been writing for our core industries for years as insiders and specialists.

  • We understand your market
  • We know your customers (personally, in many cases!)
  • We get what makers your audience tick… and buy

Simply put, we’ve been focused on coffee, food, and food tech longer than anyone else in the content industry, and we actively stay up-to-date on industry news and strategy best practices you can rely on.

How much work is this gonna be?

Hiring a freelance writer is a top-down arrangement, where you are the one spending brainspace on strategy, writer management, and quality assurance. That’s not what this is.

This process is a bottom-up arrangement, where we’re the ones spending brainspace to ensure every piece is well-researched, written, and backed by thoughtful strategy. After an initial period of collaboration, you’re able to be mostly hands-off, knowing the right work for your business and customers is getting done—and done well.

And our process works.

Garrett created a number of blogs that served a global audience. He was quick to respond, willing to ask detailed questions, and had the ability to think outside the box to present concepts in the best possible way.

Kate Horvath

Caffe Nero UK

Garrett has great writing & research skills and wrote some of my best-performing blog posts! Moreover, Garrett is always sticking to the deadlines and it is very easy to communicate with him.

Karolina Pura


Packages start at $2,700 per month.

Flat rate includes all the research, strategy, and ongoing maintenance you need to accelerate sales and become an established authority in your space.

Just want the strategy, but not the execution? Reach out about that too!

Please note: we’re generally booked ~4 weeks out.

Let’s start building your content system.