The Food Tech Copywriter

I’m Garrett Oden, a freelance food tech copywriter based in Waco, Texas.

I help innovative food and restaurant tech brands like yours communicate new ideas, create engaging content, and write copy that converts.

Garrett Oden Freelance Writer

Your food technology is awesome, but… 

Communicating your big idea is challenging.

I help you discover the right voice and language to make the value of your innovation clear as day to your market.

You need to generate more visibility.

I help create and execute a content strategy that attracts your ideal audience and builds authority.

Your sales team needs conversion content.

I help you create content, emails, and web pages that empower your team to sell with greater success.

Your process was strong for creating our website copy. The videos and wireframes, which we didn't ask for, were very helpful, and we've had strong growth and investment interest that the website helped generate.

Riana Lynn

Journey Foods

Garrett’s articles were informative for our existing clients. He was especially helpful in drafting our case studies, which are invaluable sales tools. He was able to adapt to our way of working easily, is a clear writer, and is able to balance length and depth of content well.

Adi Burton

Icicle Technologies

Garrett is an asset to the Galley team, and a joy to work with and I will scream it from the mountain tops. We really couldn’t ask for more. He is a great human and master at his craft. He’s thrown himself into our domain and is constantly pushing us to be better content creators.

Ian Christopher

Galley Solutions

You want to create impact. Me too.

Don’t settle for spray-and-pray content from a generalist that barely moves the needle. As an industry-aware copywriter, I’m you’re secret weapon for creating copy and content that works.

Let’s Win Over More Customers