How I Work

A good copywriter is like a skilled chef.

I work to understand the cuisine (your brand and market), methodically experiment with ingredients (the writing process), and create dishes (content and copy) your customers will love and keep coming back for.


First We Connect

Let’s connect via an email introduction, followed by a 20-minute discovery call.

Are We A Good Fit? We’ll determine if your objectives match my team’s skills.

Crafting A Roadmap. Next we identify your project goals, discuss the scope of work, and set deadlines that work for everyone. 


Then We Create

Most projects begin 1-3 weeks after the deposit is paid.

Diving Into Research. I talk to your customers, read industry research, and spy on your competitors. 

Crafting The Copy. We execute on our plans. I write copy and content, wireframe it, and send it your way.


Then We Refine

Before we release the copy into the wild, we take a good look to ensure it’s just right.

Making It Awesome. We go over the copy together, line by line, to make sure you’re confident in and proud of the copy.

Peak Happiness. With stellar copy and content ready to go live, it’s time to get more sales.

For some projects, like long-term content marketing and lead generation, I will include my team of kick-ass copywriters who are also intimate with the coffee and food tech indutries. By blending skills, we can generate far more authority, traffic, and strategic value than a lone copywriter ever could.

My #1 goal is to thrill you with results.

Every project is unique, so this general process will change if it means I can better serve your business and customers.

That’s The Way Forward – Take Your First Step