Alpha Dominche Shuts Down: Is Commercial Coffee Tech Dead?

This week I wrote up an analysis of Alpha Dominche’s sudden closure and what it means for the hardware tech space of the coffee industry. Does this giant’s fall indicate that we’ve seen the limits of what the industry can afford when it comes to high-end tech for cafes?

The BKON Craft Brewer is a ~$10,000 tea and coffee brewer that looks eerily similar to the Steampunk, though the underlying brewing technology is significantly different. When I spoke to BKON about Alpha Dominche’s closure, I was surprised by what I heard. Steampunk owners may be burned, but they aren’t traumatized by the recent news and trading in their cloud-connected brewers for manual pour over cones. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Read the full article on TheSpoon.Tech.

What’s next… shooting coffee into space?


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