How I Helped JavaPresse Execute A Content Strategy That Generates 160,000+ Monthly Views

JavaPresse Coffee is a coffee roaster and gear manufacturer with the #1 selling manual coffee grinder on Amazon. CEO Raj Jana knew that expanding into coffee bean subscription would be the answer to turning one-time transactions into loyal fans and recurring customers.

The Problem

Over-reliance on Amazon for traffic and sales.

Javapresse Coffee was selling hundreds of coffee grinders on each day, but the platform was fickle.

After being removed multiple times – without explanation – Raj Jana knew he needed to find a way to create his own loyal audience outside the Amazon ecosystem.

The Solution

Building an engaged audience on

I worked with Raj to create a content marketing strategy that would generate organic search traffic for JavaPresse’s own site by blending SEO data, coffee industry trends, and frequent customer questions.

Then we executed on that strategy with engaging, customer-driven content.  

The Result

Growing to 1.9 Million Organic Search Visits

Within six months, JavaPresse was experiencing a 10x in organic search traffic. In 2020, the floodgates opened, elevating search traffic levels to over 160,000 monthly visits, and paving the way for the new JavaPresse Coffee Club to thrive with hundreds of recurring customers.

Garrett is a phenomenal writer with a true passion for bringing out the life in all of his work. He’s a pleasure to work with, and we will continue working with him on many projects to come. Thanks a bunch for the fantastic work!

Raj Jana

Chief Brewing Officer, JavaPresse

My #1 goal is to thrill you with results.

No more generic coffee content. No more ‘spray and pray’ marketing. We’ll use real conversion strategies, craft targeted copy, and measure the results so you can be confident in the ROI.

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