The 7 Ecommerce Emails Every Food Brand Should Be Sending

Selling food online is hard. Email can help.

Food brands – especially young, innovative ones – tend to focus on social media these days for gaining traction. Email, on the other hand, feels clunky and like a chore.

But email marketing, by and large, is where the money’s at.

Email is not dead—it’s thriving. A massive 2015 study found that for every $1 spent on email, businesses could expect $38 in sales (that’s a 3,800% ROI). So it’s no surprise that 30% of marketers say email marketing generates their highest ROI of any platform.

If you sell a food product online you’ll want to discover the seven emails every food ecommerce brand should be sending on Foodboro.

Warning: once you taste how easy it can be to make money with email marketing, it’ll be hard to ever look at social media the same way again.

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