Why You Shouldn’t Hire SEO Agencies For Content Marketing
In the content strategy and marketing world, SEO agencies have a bit of a bad rep. Here's why.
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The problem with hiring an SEO agency for content creation and calling it a day is that there’s around 1,000,000 other types of content you should be creating.

Our clients go 👀 when they realize their SEO agency partners can’t execute on these. For example…

🤝 Sales Enablement Content

Sales folks tend to have strong feelings about what kinds of content would help get people in the sales funnel across the line.

This bottom of the funnel content is *very specific*, and might even be targeted for a single brand in ABM sales.

This Galley Solutions article will never rank in Google, but it outlines why Galley’s enterprise software breaks the mold when it comes to implementation and adoption, resolving a common hesitation: onboarding pains.

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🧲 Link Magnet Content

Esp for newer businesses, backlinks are essential for performing in search, but most SEO articles don’t get backlinks organically.

Link magnet content is optimized just for this purpose. Think expert roundups, industry statistics, and original research.

Brew Smartly compiled several dozen coffee industry statistics and paired them with original graphics. The result? Over 70 backlinks within a few months — and more come each week.

🕵️‍♀️ Myth Busting Content

Website visitors bring baggage. Hesitations, misunderstandings, skepticism. If you only target myths with high-volume keywords, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

Talk to sales, identify myths – even if they’re not SEO opportunities — solve for those.

Via Coffee Marketing School, I consult coffee brands on how to stand out via better storytelling, positioning, and how it all integrates with marketing.

The biggest hesitation? Alienating people in an industry that’s supposed to be “for everyone”.

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🏁 Flag In The Sand Content

Thought leadership shares earned secrets, draws lines in the sand, and dreams of a better world (with your product, of course).

When people have options, they want to find value-aligned partners they vibe with. Show them that’s you.

Bellwether’s a true innovator in coffee, but they wanted to make it clear that they’re not just innovating technology, but sustainability too.

With original research and a strong position on coffee ethics, Bellwether signals clearly to its people.

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🔥 Hot Take Content

Twitter’s not the only place for hot takes! These spicy pieces really stick to the minds of your readers. More importantly, they position you as some sort of secret weapon against a big, bad problem (or competitor).

Fortune favors the bold.

HungerRush offers restaurants a way to fight back against commission-greedy delivery apps, so we didn’t mince words when we broke down recent scandals.

This article’s been a hit with potential customers who want to offer delivery, but can’t stand the idea of giving away 20% or more of each order’s value.

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Wholistic content strategy wins against an SEO-only strategy every time. Are you leaving visitors / leads / money on the table?

Here’s a deeper look at how we form content strategy, identify opportunities, and balance priorities (including SEO!) 👇


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